We have excellent net working for procuring quality products at economical prices for Asian Countries and ..

The excellent Team effort of our organization is the Hallmark of..

Koshambh Multitred Pvt. Ltd.  is  a growing name in Indian export horizon.   We cater to  the ever-growing exports of Indian products to African Continent..                       ..more                         


The African wax prints contribute to our major export turnover. We have got the latest technology merged with experience to get the best product..                    ..more

Engineering goods
  They form a major component of our export brigade. Right from Dies and Moulds to  Automotive Products, we have a variety of engineering  export products..               ..more

Some major export chemicals are chemicals for paint industry, laundry, printing inks, etc.                     ..more

Agro Chemicals

Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Rodenticide, Specialty Products etc.                                     ..more

Other Products

Plastic products, Health Care Product, Cosmetics, Thermo ware etc. for our range of other products that we export...                                                         ..more

We have excellent International Trading Network and have Business Associates in Hong Kong & Indonesia.

We strive to procure quality products, which are acceptable by International Buyers and..

At Koshambh we always strive for bringing better
quality and innovative products to
the market